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Folic a Acid 🍊

Here is a website which will tell you 15 foods high in folic acid 

Folic acid


Maturity 🐵

Do you think you are mature enough for a baby? When thinking about trying to get pregnant you should also talk to your partner, the decision needs to come from both of you. It needs to be something you both want.

Do you and your partner go out clubbing every night? 

Are you and your partner super indisisive?

Do you and your partner argue about silly little things?

You are your baby’s role model, they look up to you. You are the first voice that they hear. You should make them feel comfortable.

If you put your body through pain (drugs, alcohol, etc.) are you really able to look after a baby.

Do you have a safe relationship? Do you feel comfortable talking to your partner? This is really important because your baby needs to know that they are loved. If you aren’t ready for the commitment then are you using contraception?