Money πŸ‘›

Need to save for a baby here are some great tips!

  • Make shopping lists not only is this an excuse to use cute colourful pens, but to budget your money and only buy what you need.
  • Sell any clutter that you may have accumulated over the years on eBay or Facebook and put any money you get into a money box that you can’t get into until you need it.
  • Learn to say no!
  • Use all the deals at supermarkets but only for the things you need
  • Buy clothes and presents in the sale it may only be July but it’s never too early for Christmas.

Put money aside every month and after a year you will have plenty of money to buy things for the nursery. EG: save Β£30 every month by the end of the year you will have Β£360. 

Another thing to think about is a house ore flat. Do you have a safe and stable home to bring up a baby no loose plugs or appliances.



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